Clubs & Groups

There is a great variety of things to do – reading and discussing books, knitting, fun chats and deep discussions, music, dancing and all with focus on English language! Clubs meet at different intervals – please see descriptions of the clubs below, take a look at the events they arrange and join us!

Below you can find currently active clubs in alphabetical order.

The English Book Club is a diverse group of readers who get together once a month on a Wednesday evening to discuss English literature. The group reads both classic works and contemporary books.

Whether you are new or old to the book club, do not hesitate to join us for some great reading and discussions!

The Folk Club is for anyone who is interested in playing, singing or just plain listening to music. All types of music, all types of instruments, all nationalities. Rock, classical, blues, country –  sometimes solo, sometimes we jam… of course we sometimes have pure folk. From beginners to semi-pro (no need to perform).  Many just come along to listen and have a chat (mostly in English,.. myös suomeksi eller på svenska)!

Currently, we do not have any meetings due to the pandemic. Typically, we meet monthly on the first Friday from September to May, between 19.30 – 21.30. Drop in and have a peek — no pressure or requirements, stay for 10 minutes or all evening. Ring the buzzer for Finnbrit. Ring several times if no one responds – we might be playing music!. For more, check the Facebook group page Helsinki Intl Folk Club~The Group. Joining this group is free of charge. Come join us!

Morris Club

Helsinki Morrisers. Morris dancing, one of those ancient traditions that seem to be cherished and derided in equal measure, apparently on the verge of extinction can be found at Finnbrits! It’s probably fair to say that Morris dancing has something of an image problem, frequently mocked but yet, here we are in foreign lands loyally keeping up the ancient English tradition. If nothing else, we always have a good time and a bit of exercise. All are welcome to give it a go. Twice a month; check Helsinki Morrisers~the Group on Facebook.

Knitters with IESAF. A social handicraft group gathering on Thursdays 18.00 – 20.00 to do any kind of handicraft like crocheting, quilting, cross stitching and knitting, or fixing your iPad! Or if you just want a social evening chatting and a cuppa, you are most welcome.

We welcome ALL abilities, male or female, seasoned crafters or beginners who want to learn new skills. Unfortunately, the gathering is not appropriate for small children as there are teachers and students at work at the same time. 

We usually gather at Finnbrit office on Freda. However, due to pandemic restrictions we are meeting via Zoom for now. You may meet some knitters in Oodi as well! For more information, look us up on Facebook (IESAF Knitting Club – Freda). This gathering is free of charge. We warmly welcome you to join the group!


The Nursery Rhyme group is a great little group for parents and toddlers ages 0–5. We sing new songs and old favourites, dance ring dances and have some free playtime with coffee or tea for the parents.

This is a weekend playgroup aimed at families that are either fully English speaking or have at least one native English-speaking parent. Nursery Rhyme Time is a place where kids can sing nursery rhymes and play, and adults can have a coffee and a chat. Come along and join in the fun!

Finnbrit Sport Club

The Finnbrit Sports Club. Have you ever wondered about the thrill of attending a highly competitive ice hockey match in Helsinki? Or are you already looking for the next opportunity to do so?

The Finnbrit Sports Club organises events centred on sports. These include attending live professional sports events, actively participating in various sports ourselves and watching  sport championships live at Finnbrit or in a pub. The sports may be popular sports like football and ice hockey or more niche sports like archery and rowing. They may be typically Finnish, typically British or typically neither, we are open to them and we welcome everyone!

So whether you are a novice looking for a new and interesting experience or a seasoned campaigner, keep an eye out on the Events page of our website here.