Computer-delivered IELTS video tutorials

Watch the video for a general overview of what to expect on the test day when you choose the computer-delivered IELTS version.

Enjoy some test-takers’ tips on how to prepare for the test and get better results!

The Listening part is the first one and requires a great amount of attention. Here’s some valuable information that will help you on the test day.

After the Listening part, you will be redirected to the Reading section. This video shows you how the reading part is presented and what you are expected to do.

The Writing section is the last one. This short video shows you how to do the tasks in the computer-delivered format.

Grammar accuracy is one of the four aspects observed during the Speaking section of the IELTS exam. This video presents key points candidates must pay attention to in order to get the result they need.

Watch this IELTS Speaking test sample (Part 2 – band 5) and try to think how the candidate could have performed better! Use your ideas to improve your own performance on your test day.

Watch this IELTS Speaking test sample (Part 3 – band 6) to understand better what to expect on the test day and improve the chances to get the result you need!