English for Beginners

English for Beginners

This English for Beginners course is for people who would like to learn English with no or little knowledge of the language. The goals are to build a basic survival vocabulary and fluency, and to be able to speak and be understood. Topics include learning greetings, describing people, family, physical descriptions, questions and answers, traveling, interviews, friends and much more!

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
Ask and answer simple questions and talk with friends and strangers
Greet someone and introduce a friend
Order at a restaurant and buy tickets

Format and Materials:
Even with limited English language skills, the students will introduce the topics on a week-to-week process
The instructor will keep a learning diary with the students
Within the learning diary there will be a variety of outside learning links tailored to the students’ level

Day and time: Tuesdays 15:45-16:45

Length of course: 10 weeks from 03.09.24 to 12.11.24 (No lesson on 15 October “Syysloma”)

Course location: Finnbrit

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