Finnbrit Goes to the Theatre – ‘Sylvi’ by Minna Canth

Saturday, 16 March 2024
6:45 pm
NoName Theatre

Everyone is welcome to join Finnbrit at the NoName Theatre for a production of ‘Sylvi’ by Minna Canth. Book your place here on the Finnbrit website so we know to expect you. Buy your own ticket for the show. Then meet us at the theatre at 6:45 pm, 15 minutes before the showtime at 7:00 pm. After the show, those who wish can move on to a local venue for a drink and conversation about the play.

Buy your own ticket at

‘Sylvi’ by Minna Canth
In 19th century Finland, a young and spirited young woman, married to a much older man, meets her childhood sweetheart. Carried away by her passion, she commits an unspeakable act and faces loss of freedom, love, and hope. There are no dastardly villains or innocent victims here. Instead, the play is populated by ‘good’ people who live according to the social mores of their day. When one person’s personal happiness comes against the social norms, lives are destroyed so that the system can stay intact.

‘Sylvi’ is a joint production by the Finn-Brit Players and Soup Troupe.

The NEW NoName Theatre is at Hietaniemenkatu 7 B in Kamppi. The entrance is technically on Lapuankatu, past the K-Market. The main door will probably be unlocked, but if not, ring the ‘5th Floor’ buzzer to the left of the blue gate under the ‘Keskisuomalainen Osakunta’ sign. Once inside, take the elevator up to the 5th floor.