From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence

From Self-doubt to Self-Confidence 2024

From Self-Doubt to Self-Confidence: Performing in high-stake situations in English speaking environments.

Have you ever felt your voice tighten and your mouth feels dry when you are about to give a presentation in a corporate meeting? Do you feel that your voice gets tired easily after an hour of talking? Have your ever experienced your voice getting choked and receding when you face a room full of people where you are asked to give a speech? If yes, you are experiencing ‘performance anxiety’.

With Mandira’s unique interdisciplinary background in opera singing, piano playing, teaching, and research in foreign languages, she will help you develop a healthy posture, sync it with effective breathing techniques, practice voice placement and projection, and articulate diction with your stage presence in high stake situations. The motto is ‘things happens…but the show must go on’. Whether you are in an IELTS or Cambridge speaking test session, a corporate meeting, or teaching a big class, you can succeed and make an impact.

She will use singing exercises to help you to speak audibly, but this is not a singing class. This is also not a traditional English lesson, although we will work on pronunciation exercises to improve your English oral skills. Please wear comfortable clothes and come with a handwritten or type written preparation of a 1-minute presentation.

Teacher/Trainer: Dr. Mandira Halder

Important: Places are limited so please book early to guarantee your place.