Northumbria and its Role in the Origins of England

Photo of David Stokes

Friday, 8 March 2024
6:00 pm

A look at the cultural and political importance of this ‘slightly’ overlooked and stunning region of England, also known as Northumbria – the ancient Kingdom north of the Humber River.

David Stokes explores whether the cultural ideas born in Northumbria that led to the formation of England have a resonance in Brexit and devolution politics of the UK today. He asks if this could result in the dissolution of the present ‘Imperial’ United Kingdom of Great Britain and the rebirth of an English state in the future.

David Stokes is a well-known face on the Finnish-British scene, having been Chair of the Turku Society for over 10 years, as well as being active in the Federation of Finnish-British Societies. He grew up in ‘the South’ in East Sussex, but during his working life also lived in ‘the North’, in particular Northumberland. Having trained as a horticulturist, he is now a university lecturer and writer, particularly interested in the history of this area.