Vappu Morris Dancing Day Out

Wednesday, 1 May 2024

It’s nearly May Day, May 1st or Vappu as we call it in Finland. The Morrisers will start the day’s Dance Out at 12:00 outside Oodi. From there, the Morrisers will dance in front of Fazer Cafe on Kluuvikatu. Finally, they will dance in front of the Runeberg statue in Esplanadi park. 

Current styles of dancing include a mix of Border, Molly, Cotswold, and Helsinki traditions.

No registration needed. Show up and enjoy the performance!

The Helsinki Morrisers are a thoroughly mixed(up) Morris Dance side started around 1993 in downtown Annankatu. The first performance took place on a sunny summer evening at the British Embassy. The costume has changed considerably since them, and reflecting the membership now includes some Marimekko design.

Since 1996, they have been active members of the Arctic Morris Association along with Eken Morris from Stockholm. Ales (not beers but an ancient word for a gathering of Morris dancers!!) have been held almost every year since then in either Helsinki or Stockholm.