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Where do the words come from? Mistä sanat tulevat?

Englannin kielessä on enemmän sanoja kuin missään muussa kielessä. Sanojen oppiminen ja muistaminen helpottuu, kun tunnet kielen kiehtovaa 1500-vuotista historiaa ja sananmuodostuksen periaatteita.

LA 30.10.2021 at 11:00 – 12:30

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“A pattern of your love” – The Poetry of John Donne

The English poet John Donne (1572–1631) wrote passionate love poems and powerful divine verse that can still resonate with us today, in this world where “no man is an island”.

Starts Wed 02.02.2022 at 18:05 – 19:35

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Platinium Jubilee 70 Years of Service

Queen Elizabeth II has been Queen of the United Kingdom since 1952. She has lived through more changes to society than any other monarch and has had to adapt to the changing concepts of her own country.

Wed 23.03.2022 at 18:05 – 19:35

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