About Us

About Us

Finnbrit is a non-profit organisation. We further our values of inclusiveness, diversity and lifelong learning, by offering opportunities for English language learning and assessment, and cultural activities.

We provide tailored, personal learning opportunities for individuals and corporate clients, and scheduled evening courses. Our exam services focus on English language testing: IELTS and Cambridge examinations. In addition, we offer other exam services for, e.g. several universities and ACCA. We arrange diverse cultural events from interesting talks to regular clubs such as the Book Club and Nursery Rhyme Time Club. We also work together with our associated groups to arrange interesting events and performances.

In summary, Finnbrit is a friendship society offering opportunities for English language learning, language skill testing, and cultural activities, and thereby promoting our values of inclusiveness, diversity and lifelong learning.

Our values and mission+

We are committed to inclusiveness, lifelong learning and cultural enthusiasm.

We promote diversity and inclusiveness by offering a wide range of social events, language learning opportunities and examination services.

Action Plan+

We provide opportunities for learning and building communities. We offer a meeting place for a variety of cultural activities and make everyone feel welcome.

1. Language courses
We arrange English language courses locally in the Helsinki area to individuals and companies. This year, we are also developing our online and digital presence, blended learning offerings and investing in a language studio.

2. Examination services (IELTS, Cambridge, other)
Finnbrit is the only authorized test centre for IELTS in Finland and a centre for Cambridge Assessment English examinations. This year we are introducing a computer-based IELTS test. We also arrange exams for many foreign universities, e.g. the University of London.

3. Cultural activities
We arrange various cultural events in English. Our aim is to add to the international diversity of the capital area and provide an inclusive hub of social and cultural activity. This year, we will also develop online events.


The Finnish-British Society r.y. is governed by the Council. It is elected annually in the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is usually held in May of each year, and all members are welcome!

Finnish-British Society r.y. is a non-profit organization. We do not receive any government funding. Finnish-British Society owns all shares of the Finnbrit Language Centre Oy. The limited company provides English language services to companies in Finland. It is governed by a Board. The Board consists of Council members selected to represent the interests of the Finnish-British Society, the sole owner of the company.

Finnish-British Society r.y. and Finnbrit Language Centre Oy both have their own company identifiers (Y-tunnus). Together, they are called the Finnbrit. Finnbrit is also the name / address of this shared website.

Finnish-British Society is a member of the Federation of Finnish British Societies. We collaborate with the British Council, and the Cambridge Assessment in delivering our language tests.