The Finnish-British Society arranges various cultural programmes for its members and other interested people including live musical performances, presentations, debating events, literature reviews, theatre trips and many more.

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Free for members! Nursery Rhymes Time Club
Free for members!

Pop-up events

As a member, you can set up your own event!

If you are interested in Cine-Live, Mamu Standup (yes, that is what they call themselves!), Helsinki University Think Corner or Theatre or… anything interesting in English – do invite Finnbrit friends to come along! This gives everyone an opportunity to experience something one might not otherwise do in a great Finnbrit company, and you get a Finnbrit subsidised ticket to the event!

How does it work?

Propose an event…+

… to us at with a place, time and date minimum of 3 weeks ahead of the date, along with a link to the event. In addition, we would need your name and contact details.

We will then post / advertise event…+

… all this info on our website and/or our social media, and provide you with the list of names prior to the event. In addition to yourself, there must be a minimum of 4 people who have signed up for the event.

At the event+

To make it simple, each person will buy their own tickets (if applicable) and you, as the Leader of the Event, should wait for everyone at the ticket booth. After having met everyone, all of you can go to the Event as a group, and agree where to meet during the interval / break for a chat, and if you would like, meet also after the event. 


Do save your receipt for your ticket to the event, bring it to the office, and we will reimburse you up to EUR 30. 

As the events will be posted on the Finnbrit website just before the events take place, do keep a look and join in the fun!

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