Our teachers are true professionals in fun and inspiring learning sessions! All Finnbrit teachers strive to enhance your English language usage, fluency and confidence. They all use pedagogically sound learning methods which are enjoyable, fun and memorable. For example, they have taught on the steps of Helsinki Cathedral, in an art exhibition and by using puzzles during the lessons! 

Our teachers want to help you to communicate in English: engage in conversations, articulate your point of view and handle interpersonal interactions in a culturally-sensitive manner. 

The objective is for you to be able to apply what you have learnt in real-life. Our teachers help you to enjoy learning and internalize advice and feedback. 

Tony Shaw

Anthony (Tony)

Tony is a solid, patient guide to English language. His specialty is teaching everyday skills in English. Tony is familiar with the UK, Danish and Finnish culture and is happy to explain concepts in Finnish as well.


Blake specialises in business communications. He enhances your fluency, vocabulary and grammar by using interactive exercises. Blake’s experience helping students with learning disabilities ensures his lessons are relaxed, fun and engaging!


Henry’s in-depth knowledge of the IELTS and Cambridge Exams has helped hundreds of students prepare successfully and he can help you too. Henry has taught English also in Chile and knows the culture, and Spanish well.

Ian (teacher)


Ian is the go-to person for learning business English. He excels at guiding students in making speeches, telling stories and using English in negotiations. Ian is familiar with the Chinese culture having worked in China for two years.

Malcolm (Mal)

Malcolm believes in motivational methods. He has worked in many fields: education, culture, academic and business. He has also worked for the Trade Unions and has a background in industrial relations.

Pan Doxopoulos


Pan is a native English speaker who understands the challenges of learning languages. He has studied French, German and Russian to advanced levels, and taught English in different countries. Pan will help you overcome any learning challenges and reach your learning goals!

Penelope (Penny)

Penny teaches advanced English classes. She is a university programme leader, tutor, pronunciation expert, former examiner and co-author of Stepping Stones – course books. Penny has a background in finance and audit in the IT industry, and she is familiar with French culture as well. She has lived in the UK, France, the US and Hungary before moving to Finland.