YO-Exam Tutoring

Finnbrit’s YO-Tutoring consists of the following intensive modules:

Grammar & Vocabulary
Private tutoring

You can take one or many of the modules, and complement it with private lessons at a lower price as a part of the course.
Each module is short, focused and immersive, enabling you to focus on your learning needs.
You can study from anywhere, practice in a small group, do exercises focused on your needs and receive individual personal feedback from a native teacher. This guides you towards more idiomatic and authentic use of English, essential in getting top grades in the Exam.
Finnbrit believes in focused learning and small group sizes. There is a maximum of four (4) students per group to enable focus on individual needs. Finnbrit also believes in combining diverse expertise for inspiring and effective results. We have developed the modules in collaboration with Finnish English teachers, our native English teachers and Finnbrit expertise in offering preparation courses for the prestigious IELTS and Cambridge Assessment exams.
If you wish, you may sign up with a friend or a colleague and share the cost of lessons between the two of you!
* The Finnbrit YO-Tutoring modules may be complemented by the “IELTS Focus on Speaking module” to build your skills and confidence for conversations in English. Speaking test is not yet a part of the YO-exam – however, it has long been a part of the IELTS exam. Speaking is a key element in teacher impression of your competence and therefore, your final English grade. Ability to speak naturally and effortlessly in English also determines your own view of your skills in English, and therefore, your confidence level and readiness to use English in further education and work life.

YO-exam tutoring

YO-Tutoring on demand (YLP04-45)

You will receive focused personal guidance, get to simulate the test situation, and receive detailed individual feedback and recommendations from the teacher.  The module consists…



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