Matriculation Exam (YO) Tutoring

Tutoring for the Matriculation Exam (Ylioppilastutkinto, YO) is available on-demand, whenever you need it.  You can focus on improving your skills in reading, writing, listening or grammar & vocabulary, or all of them!

You can study from anywhere, do exercises focused on your needs and receive individual personal feedback from a native teacher. This guides you towards more idiomatic and authentic use of English, essential in getting top grades in the exam.

At Finnbrit, you can also practice and gain confidence in natural conversations when speaking in English. Currently, there is no speaking test in the exam – however, it has long been a part of exams such as IELTS. Speaking is a key part of the teacher’s impression of your competence and therefore, your final English grade. Having the ability to speak naturally and effortlessly in English also improves your opinion of your English English skills, lifting your confidence levels and readiness to use English in further education and work life.

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Learning to show cultural awareness in your use of English enables you to collaborate in a meaningful way with people from diverse backgrounds. Be a part of our journey and join our mission!

YO-exam tutoring

YO-Tutoring on demand (YLP04-45)

You will receive focused personal guidance, simulate the test situation, and receive detailed individual feedback and recommendations from the teacher.  The module consists of  4…


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