English Top-up

Boost your English fluency with English Top-up! Monthly private lessons face-to-face or online with an expert English language trainer.

Are you looking to take your English language skills to the next level? Look no further than English Top-up, the ultimate solution for higher intermediate and advanced learners seeking to master the English language. Our program offers a dynamic and engaging learning experience, with expertly-tailored lessons per month, taught by experienced native-speaking language trainers who are dedicated to your success.

With English Top-up you receive:

  • A free 15-minute consultation.
  • A free multiple-choice level test.
  • One or two sessions per month with one of our expert language trainers. The sessions can be held face-to-face or online.
  • Free Finnbrit membership and access to a range of social events in English to practice your skills.
  • End-of-course evaluation and feedback.

Why Choose English Top-up?

Elevate your Language Proficiency: Break free from the constraints of limited fluency and achieve true mastery of the English language. Our specialised English lessons are designed to empower you to communicate with confidence and precision. You can fix the grammar issues or gaps in vocabulary that have been holding you back.

Personalised Approach: Our lessons are customised to address your specific needs, focusing on advanced vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, grammar intricacies, and effective communication strategies. Our expert language trainers provide personalised guidance and constructive feedback to help you overcome any challenges along the way.

Engaging and Interactive Learning: Bid farewell to dull textbooks and monotonous exercises. Our English lessons are thoughtfully designed to make learning enjoyable and interactive. Through immersive activities, real-life simulations, and stimulating discussions, you’ll immerse yourself in the English language, making rapid progress while having fun.

Dive into Culture: Language is a gateway to culture, and we’re here to provide you with an enriching cultural experience alongside your language journey. You will be given a discount for a year’s free membership of the Finnish-British Society thus giving you access to a wide range of social events in English to boost your progress.

Flexibility and Convenience: Your busy schedule shouldn’t hinder your language learning ambitions. English Top-up offers the convenience of a flexible schedule, with online lessons also available, allowing you to access high-class language training from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be. Fit your English studies into your routine and never miss a lesson.

Track Your Advancement: We believe in celebrating your progress every step of the way. Our language trainers regularly measure your growth and highlight your achievements. Witness your skills evolve and gain the motivation to push further on your language-learning journey.

How to Book

Once you have decided to make your booking, you be required to fill in your contact details and will then be taken to a Paytrail payment page where you can complete your purchase. After purchase, we will contact you within two working days to begin planning the lessons.

If you prefer to pay by invoice, please kindly send us an email to finnbrit@finnbrit.fi with your requirements. Monthly and quarterly payment arrangements are available on request.