Language Tests

Would you like to be able to prove your English language ability with a globally valid prestigious test result?

Have you been asked to prove your English language ability with a test result? Or do you just want a certificate to include in your CV? Maybe you represent a company and want to provide a language test to your colleagues, either as informal training or in preparation for an international project.

It is most likely that an official English language test result is required when…

  • you are applying to a school or a university in an English-speaking country
  • you are applying to a course or program where teaching is conducted in English – regardless of the location of the school or the main language of the country or region
  • you are applying for a job where English is needed to carry out the responsibilities
  • you want to go and live in an English-speaking country.

Finnbrit is the only authorised test centre for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) in Finland, and a centre for Cambridge Assessment English examinations.

When you need to prove your English language ability with a test, it is important that you take the test that is right for you, and accepted by the institution you are dealing with. The most widely accepted language tests are the IELTS and the Cambridge Assessment tests. However, it is best you first check the requirements with the organization. The requirements are often posted on the organization’s website. If you need support in choosing the right test for you, please contact Finnbrit for advice and click here.

Successful language test results support test takers to reach their goals, be it studying, working or moving abroad!