Our team

I can do things you cannot; you can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.” - Mother Teresa

About 60 persons contribute to the Finnbrit operations and events. Our team consists of the Council, Social Committee and volunteers, teachers, examiners and invigilators, and the office team.


The Council is the deciding body of the Finnish-British Society.  It is chaired by Niina Lemettilä and it consists of 9 members. Our Council has a wide range of expertise from areas of teaching and education, performing, diplomatic relations and event arrangements, financial business, wisdom and reason – and kind hearts!

The Council members are working on a voluntary basis, devoting their time to promote Finnbrit values of inclusiveness, diversity and lifelong learning!

Social Committee / volunteers+

The Social Committee arranges cultural events and coordinates diverse clubs.

Our team is a group of active individuals interested in many things. Each ready to give to the English speaking community either by arranging an event or two, or helping out at an event! All volunteering is needed and fun, adding to the diversity of the Helsinki area.

We warmly welcome newcomers to get involved. Do you have an idea for an event? Would you like to help us organise events?

Do join us in planning fun activities in English, or contribute your ideas and wishes using the “Ideas & Feedback” button on our website, or let us know of your interest to volunteer by contacting us!

Noora Kumpulainen

Members: Satu Hilliä, Marlene Weck, Laura Karppinen, Bridget Emery, Cynde Sadler, Anthony Shaw and Dharmindar Maharaj.

We look forward to welcoming you to our international team!

Test examiners+

Our examiners are experts in English language. The examiner job consists of conducting the IELTS and/or Cambridge Speaking Tests according to the test framework.

Examiners assess test takers speaking skills in a discussion, simulating a real-life situation. The examiner role is performed on a part-time basis.

Our examiners have the following experience and qualifications:

  • An undergraduate or Master’s degree
  • A qualification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or similar
  • A minimum of 3 years’ full time TESOL teaching experience with adults

Our examiner team is about ten person strong. Most of our examiners also work as English language teachers. No Finnish or Swedish language is required.

Test invigilators+

Invigilators work at language test events. They provide everything from welcoming customer service to standardized, well-monitored, test events for quite a number of candidates!

Most of the invigilation work is related to the IELTS tests. The computer-delivered tests take place weekly, often on Fridays. The paper-based tests take place on Saturdays, starting at 7am. The invigilator role is a part-time role.

Our invigilator team consists of about 15-20 persons, university students and professionals. The team is very diverse with members from all over the world: Hong Kong, Italy, Vietnam and Australia! All communications take place in English and there is no requirement to speak Finnish or Swedish.

Join our international team! We look forward to hearing from you.