Higher Intermediate English 2 (HIE241022)

Have your English skills become rusty? This high-quality Higher Intermediate B2 Level course will help you to use English more fluently.

Higher Intermediate English Course

Have you studied English at school but haven’t used it actively since? Has your English language competence become rusty? The Higher Intermediate English B2 level course is aimed at students who have some experience and communicative ability in English and are looking for more fluent and spontaneous use.

This course will help you update your forgotten language skills and give you plenty of practice in speaking English. This course will revise and widen your vocabulary and use of grammar. You will practice using your language skills within a small group, with people at the same level of competence.  Your regular practice will increase your confidence and enable you to use your English skills easily and naturally.

  • Move towards advanced use of English
  • Practise all aspects of English:
    • Active: Speaking, Writing
    • Receptive: Reading, Listening
  • Improve grammar, learn more complex structures, and gain flexibility with your language use
  • Interact with students of a similar level
  • Build confidence and fluency with interesting and relevant discussion topics
  • Discuss a wide range of up-to-date subjects broadening your vocabulary
  • Homework and feedback
  • Class in English
  • Native teacher

Day and time: Tuesdays 18:45-20:15

Length of course: 6 weeks from 22.10.24 to 26.11.24 

Course location: Finnbrit

“I really enjoyed the lessons and Blake was an amazing, wonderful, and enthusiastic teacher.” Merja, Espoo.

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