Social Committee / Volunteers

The Social Committee arranges cultural events and activities for the Finnish-British Society throughout the year. These may be, for example, talks on a wide range of topics, gathering in cafes, restaurants or pubs, and outdoor events. The annual Christmas Party is always one of Finnbrit’s most special occasions. These events and activities are open to everyone with an interest in the Society.

Our team is a group of active individuals interested in many things. Each ready to give to the English speaking community either by arranging an event or two, or helping out at an event! All volunteering is needed and fun, adding to the diversity of the Helsinki area.

We warmly welcome newcomers to get involved. Do you have an idea for an event? Would you like to help us organise events?

Do join us in planning fun activities in English, or contribute your ideas and wishes using the “Ideas & Feedback” button on our website, or let us know of your interest to volunteer by contacting us!

Chair: Noora Kumpulainen

Members: Satu Hilliä, Marlene Weck, Laura Karppinen, Bridget Emery, Cynde Sadler, Anthony Shaw and Dharmindar Maharaj.

We look forward to welcoming you to our international team!