YO-Tutoring on demand (YLP04-45)

The module consists of a four online 45-minute individual sessions with a teacher, followed by self-study practices.

YO-exam tutoring

You will receive focused personal guidance, simulate the test situation, and receive detailed individual feedback and recommendations from the teacher. 

The module consists of  4 x 45-minute online sessions, followed by self-study tasks. The self-study tasks offer you the possibility to practice comprehension tests at home and receive feedback on your performance by sending your results to the teacher.

If you wish, you may sign up with a friend or a colleague and share the cost of lessons between the two of you!

Book the lessons and choose the dates that work for you.

Length of course: 4 x 45-minute private lessons 

Number of lessons: 3 hours

Course location: Online (can be held at Finnbrit on request)