Finnbrit Mahjong Club 2024

Next meeting is in August

First and third Wednesday of each month (no meetings in June or July)
4:30-6:00 pm

Welcome to the Finnbrit Mahjong Club! Mahjong is a compelling, easily learned table game for four people, played with a set of 144 pieces called ’tiles’. The aim of the game is to collect four sets of tiles, three sets made up of three or four identical tiles, plus a pair.

3, 17 January
7, 21 February
3, 20 March
3 April (17 April is cancelled)
1 May
7, 21 August
4, 18 September
2, 16 October
6, 20 November
4, 18 December

It is free for members and 20€ for non-members (for the whole series).

Please contact group leader Tricia for more details