Tailored lessons

Learn at your pace - private custom-made courses for individuals and company groups!

Would you like to be…

  • a more confident public speaker?
  • better at building international teams?
  • a stronger negotiator?
  • excel at solving problems?
  • better at proposing solutions?
  • more skilled at understanding different points of view?

Tailored, private lessons are a great way to improve your English at your own speed and in the way that you want to learn. Classes are arranged to suit your timetable and we focus on the areas specific to you and your needs. These areas could include improving conversational skills for situations at work, writing emails in English to a difficult customer or preparing for an upcoming conference. We can tailor a course to meet your needs whether you are a law firm, a construction company, in sales or finance.

To tailor a suitable learning plan for your company or to discuss your needs in person, contact us!

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