Sounds Amazing!

English pronunciation. Are you often asked to repeat what you say? Do you want to ensure your colleagues and clients understand you clearly? Do you think your voice sounds flat? Do you stumble over long words?

English has become a lingua franca in business and education. More and more people who use English for communicating verbally are not native speakers. But intelligibility is sometimes an obstacle to effective dialogue.

Join our accent and pronunciation workout!

Before the session, you will be asked to submit a short recording of your own voice for the trainer.

The session will be tailored to the group but will include the following

  • introduction to the 44 sounds of the English language
  • how to join sounds to make words
  • how to stress syllables within words
  • what happens when we join words together to make longer sentences
  • how to use stress and intonation effectively

Length of worskhop: 2hours 15 minutes

Number of lessons: 3

Course timing: TBD, as agreed with the group.

Course location: at Finnbrit premises

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