Finnbrit memories – Valéria

I am a Brazilian who moved to Finland from Lithuania in September 2018 on the basis of family ties, without knowing exactly what to expect from this new chapter of my life.

Since then, I have taken part in a Finnish Language and Integration course, started my master’s studies in International Business Management at XAMK-Kouvola, and got a job working as the Media Coordinator at Finnbrit – contributing to the launch of the new website and the 95th-anniversary celebrations of the society.

At Finnbrit, I have interacted with different people and cultures daily, learning things about these cultures that we don’t usually learn online. I have also gotten the opportunity to improve my work skills and understand the Finnish work market practices better. This opportunity has provided me with my first professional experience in Finland, which has naturally enhanced my employability in the Land of a Thousand Lakes. Finnbrit has also been supportive of my career improvements, organizing our schedule together in a way that has allowed me to move forward with my master’s studies. My feeling is that Finnbrit is all about people. – Valéria Pinto