Bird Art Journey and Sketching Basics Workshop

Sketch of a bird and finished drawing of same bird

Friday, 27 October 2023
6:00 pm


The aim of the workshop is to give you the basic techniques to improve your sketching or drawing skills. This workshop is ideal for beginners, and it will guide you to a mindful practice, free of self-judgment.

The workshop consists of the following topics with exercises:

  • Types of sketches
  • Creating muscle memory
  • Types of lines and their use
  • How to understand the basic shapes in objects
  • How to draw round shapes
  • Final exercise

Your workshop will be guided by Inês Wellenkamp Jales.
Inês studied art in one of the most prestigious all-arts high schools in Portugal, followed by a degree in Design. In 2021, Inês left graphic design behind to open her own illustration business, focusing on bird art and awareness.

Maximum 20 participants.