Phone Photography 101

A mobile phone taking a photo of a sunset

Thursday, 19 October 2023
6:00-8:30 pm

A workshop exploring practical techniques we can use to improve our mobile phone photography and create more dynamic images. The workshop is suitable for all age groups and requires no previous photography experience, or the need to download any additional apps to your phone. Just bring along your phone with a working camera and a full battery!

The workshop introduces participants to concepts in photography through a presentation and illustrations from the history of art photography, and offers the opportunity to go out and put some of the ideas to the test, following a list of prompts.

The workshop is led by photographer Joshua Cockroft. From England, and living in Finland for 10 years, Joshua studied photography first at Sunderland University and recently graduated from LAB-Muotoiluinstituutti, Lahti. He teaches at various institutions in Finland whilst working on personal projects.