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Benefits of Learning English

Different scientific studies have shown how advantageous it is for the adult brain to learn a foreign language. It increases both health and happiness. And there are further benefits. Language learning,

  1. enables you to bridge gaps between cultures – and understand your own better, looking at it from another perspective
  2. improves memory, and increases attention and creativity 
  3. helps you stand out when applying for higher education or a job opportunity
  4. enhances listening skills and helps you spot ambiguous information and distinguish relevant from irrelevant data
  5. increases problem-solving, decision-making and reasoning skills 
  6. helps you to cope with changes and dealing with unfamiliar and new situations
  7. makes you more adept in social situations, and better able to communicate with people from all walks of life
  8. helps your native language development
  9. gives you access to information produced around the globe
  10. enhances experiences – travelling, reading great books, films and music written and performed in English, best enjoyed in the original language
  11. helps you quickly switch between tasks and manage many things simultaneously
  12. more… 

English is the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, and tourism – the most spoken language around the world. English is a key to unlock a world of possibility and opportunities!