From start to Finnish

We at Finnbrit wish to follow and promote inspiring stories of persons who have chosen to live and work in Finland. Business Finland, Good News from Finland, started an interview series in 2018 as a way of getting to know what persons who have moved to Finland from elsewhere think about living and working here. We found the individual stories most empowering and hope that many others will find the stories via our pages.

The injection of foreign talent into the workforce is a very important ingredient for Finland’s future success. Therefore, we hope these talent stories inspire others thinking about moving to Finland to fulfill their dreams. We also hope that Finnish companies read the stories and get encouraged to recruit foreign talent actively.

The interview series has already covered a wide variety of industries and featured people from a many different countries living all around Finland, not just in the Capital area. For example, professionals from Japan, US, Taiwan, UK, Malaysia, Russia, Pakistan, India, Australia, Brazil, South Korea, Latvia, France, China, Vietnam, Portugal, Serbia, Uganda, Nigeria, Iran, Germany, the Netherlands…

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