Finnbrit Pudding Club – June 2024

Tuesday, 18 June 2024
5:30 pm


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term ‘pudding’, the Oxford dictionary defines it as ‘a cooked sweet dish served after the main course of a meal’. It is, in essence, the ‘dessert’. However, it can conjure an image of more than just ‘dessert’ It is a warming, comforting food that perfectly finishes a meal. There is nothing fancy about a pudding, it is just a delicious plateful of sweet loveliness.

A little history: The pudding club was started in 1985 at the Three Ways House Hotel in the village of Mickleton in the Cotswolds. It started out of a concern at the loss of the traditional British pudding and the growing popularity of (fancy) ‘nouvelle cuisine’. The hotel served a light meal followed by seven puddings.

The pudding club will take place monthly on the third Tuesday evening. There will be no ‘meal’. To attend, everyone brings a pudding (with accompanying custard, cream, or ice-cream, if you wish and if you want it with your pudding), and we all taste each pudding. There won’t be any voting for favourite puddings, just a whole-hearted enjoyment of each offering. Tea and coffee will be provided. If we fancy anything more adventurous, then we need to arrange that amongst ourselves. At the end of the evening we share out and take home any of the leftovers.

During your booking, please note what type of pudding you will be bringing.