English Courses

Scheduled courses are designed to help improve your English skills.

You’ll practise in small groups with other students of a similar level and receive guidance from our experienced native-speaker trainers. The courses are structured and cover a range of topics and language areas. 

The courses are designed to logically progress from one competency level to another, so once you’ve completed one course you’ll be ready to move on to the next one. Scheduled courses…

  • typically run for 6-12 weeks in the evenings from Monday to Thursday
  • take place regularly: once a week, 2×45-minute lessons at a time
  • encourage presence and practice at a focused learning session
  • enable learning about different cultural contexts through exercises and interesting conversations with people with different perspectives
  • guide you to appropriate online resources and other materials
  • provide a sense of community and social space for enhanced learning

Not sure which level course to choose? Take a look at the Language skill levels (CEFR) page here. It explains the skills in reading – writing – listening – reading through example competencies at each language level. Unsure of your language level? Test your English here.

Please find a summary of our courses in the table below.

Competency Level A – Basic+

  • A course called English Basics for competency levels A1-A2
  • Focus of the course: Everyday English / English for life

Please see our Basic courses here.

Competency Level B – Intermediate+

  • Intermediate English course for B1 competency level
  • Higher Intermediate English course for B2 competency level

Please see our Intermediate level courses here.

Competency Level C – Advanced+

  • Advanced English course for competency level C1. This is also our Cambridge Advanced English (C1) exam preparation course
  • Proficiency in English course for competency level C2. This is also Cambridge Proficiency in English (C2) exam preparation course

Please see our Advanced Level courses here.

Exam Preparation Courses+

Prepare for your exam with our exam preparation courses. 

  • IELTS preparation course, for competency levels B2-C1
  • Cambridge Advanced English (C1) exam preparation course for competency level C1. This is called Advanced English.
  • Cambridge Proficiency in English (C2) exam preparation course for competency level C2. This is called Proficiency in English.


Focus on a topic and practice in an immersive, intensive manner with simulations designed for your group!

  • Appreciative Customer Service
  • Natural Conversations
  • Team Building and Negotiations
  • Impactful presentations and speaking
  • Pronunciation

Learning to show cultural awareness in your use of English enables you to collaborate in a meaningful way with people from diverse backgrounds. Thank you for being a part of our journey and supporting our mission!